How To Access Funds Collected with ECInstantPay™

Once you collect funds via ECInstantPay™, you’ll probably want to transfer $$$ to your bank account!
**Note: Our partnership with PayPal ensures you get the full amount deposited in your account, every time.  PayPal does NOT charge you processing fees when you collect funds via ECInstantPay™. **

Here’s how to move funds sent to your PayPal Account:


1.) Log into (Download the mobile app here)
2.) Click the arrow to the right of your balance shown
3.) Click <Transfer to Bank>

4.) Enter the $ amount you wish to transfer.  Click <Next>
5.) Review the details shown & click <Transfer to Bank>
6.) That’s it! You’re done.



1.) Log into

2.) Click the <Transfer Money> link under your Available Balance

3.) Type in the amount you wish to transfer and click <CONTINUE>.

4.) Review the details show on the screen.  If correct, Click <Transfer>

5.) That’s it! You’ve successfully transferred funds.  Keep an eye out for $$…it will arrive in @ 1 business day.