Forget about waiting on those rider checks!

You’ve got enough things to keep track of in life.  We believe rider payment  shouldn’t be one of them.

That’s why we created  our groundbreaking ECInstantPay™  financial software. Finally, there’s a payment solution that lets you get paid instantly, in full, as riders register for equestrian clinics & schooling shows. 

ECInstantPay™ enables you to accept charge card payments easily and quickly…with NO  processing fees deducted from your proceeds.
You get the full amount you want, each and every time.
100% Free, Always & Forever.

How It Works

 1.  Set up and Post any Activity with your Organizer Dashboard  “Create Announcement” feature.  (Posting is free).

 2.  Riders register through Event Clinics and pay the amount you specify for entry with charge or debit card. (VISA, MC, AMEX, and Discover supported).

3.  ECInstantPay™ then instantly routes the amount paid , IN FULL, to your specified PayPal/bank account. 

What Do You Need To Get Started Using ECInstantPay™?
All you need is a PayPal “Business” category account- either as an individual (your name/SSN) or as a company (has an EIN).  The Event Clinics Platform takes care of the rest!  Here’s a quick setup guide to help.

 Note: A PayPal “Business” category account is simply the classification term PayPal uses to allow unlimited payment for services.  **It does NOT mean you have to have a business set up!  You can sign up as an Individual for a PayPal Business Category Account.*

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Common Questions

Is there a cost to use ECInstantPay™?  Do you (or PayPal) deduct part of my proceeds?
Nope.  Use of ECInstantPay™ is 100% free to Organizers/Facilities.  We want you to get paid!

What Charge Cards Can Riders Pay With ?
Riders can pay with VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, or Discover.  Riders can also pay with their PayPal account balance, but they are not required to.

PayPal charges me processing fees on my website to accept charge card payments.  How do you get around that?  Do you deduct them from my revenue?
Nope!   Our ECInstantPay™ software auto-calculates the exact processing fee required and adds it upfront to the total due from the rider.  So riders are never overcharged and you’re never on the hook to PayPal for fees.

If you charge $100.00 for entry, you’ll see exactly $100.00 appear in your account.

Important:  Make sure to validate your PayPal account after setup  in order to use ECInstantPay™  without fees.
Otherwise PayPal thinks you are a potential money launderer and blocks ECInstantPay™ transfers.

How Soon Do I Get My Funds?
You’ll typically have the funds deposited in your account by  or before you get the Event Clinics email notification  of a registration.   Most facilities receive within seconds of the rider’s payment.

What type of PayPal account do I need?
You need a “business category” PayPal account.   You can set one  up in your personal name, not to worry.
You do NOT need to have a company or EIN #! Simply select the type “Individual Proprietorship” after selecting a “Business” category account. 

How Do I Set Up A “Business Category” PayPal Account?  Can you help?
We’ve got a  quick “how-to” guide  here.
Reminder:  Confirm your email address by clicking the link PayPal sends you after setup.  You’ll trigger PayPal’s fraud alert system if you try to use ECInstantPay™ with an unconfirmed email address.  This causes $$$$$  transfer issues very quickly.  It’s a simple step-  don’t forget to do it! (Are we repeating ourselves here?? Good:)

What’s PayPal Personal Premier?
It’s the old name for what  is now a PayPal Business “Individual” account.     If that’s what you have, keep it.:) It will work for ECInstantPay™.

Can you help me set up my PayPal Account? 
Of course!  Schedule a 15 minute call with one of our Brand Ambassadors, they’ll take care of you. 

How do I move funds from PayPal to my bank account?
Access your $$ anytime! It takes 2 quick button clicks and 1 business day to move funds.  Directions here.

Why PayPal and not straight into my checking account?
We need a place to route your $$$$ after riders pay.  PayPal is the most equestrian friendly option.  Most facilities/clinicians already have an PayPal  account set up.

If a rider pays me through ECInstantPay™, who issue refunds?
You do.  You have instant possession of any money paid for your activities. ( we don’t hold your $$.) 
Check out how
 How To Issue Refunds”  for instructions .

How Does Event Clinics Make Money if Everything is Free to the Organizer/Facility?
Event Clinics charges a small $2.99 website convenience fee on each transaction, competitive with all other platforms. Riders generally find they are charged LESS using Event Clinics than with facility websites. That’s because our charge card rates are better with volume, and we can auto-calculate the processing fee exactly. (Facilities often guesstimate with “Add $5 to the payment”, etc.… to cover processing costs.)

How do I transfer or move ECInstantPay™ Funds once received?
Check out our easy to follow ECInstantPay™Instructions_Event Clinics With the simple click of a button, you can move funds where ever you want.

How Many People/Businesses Can Get Paid For Each Activity?
You can authorize up to 5(!!) recipients for each activity you post.  Send the Clinician Fee to one person, the Late Fee to the Facility and the Stabling elsewhere…its your call.

Can I Run Payment Reports, or figure out MISC-1099 Forms?
Yes. ECInstantPay™ automatically creates complete spreadsheets with registration & payment details in your Organizer Corner.  Run  payment reports or figure out year end accounting in seconds.

Try it out now and see how easy it is!

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