You’ve worked hard to make a name for yourself. Isn’t it time your business revenue grew accordingly?

Stop losing income because Riders can’t figure out how to sign up for your clinics. Or the only entry form they can find is from three years ago.

1. Streamline your registration process.

When Riders struggle to figure out how to sign up for your clinics, you lose money.   The publicly accessible Event Clinics Calendar makes it easy for interested riders to research options by Instructor name,  facility location, and date…then quickly register!

2. Make sure you’re mobile friendly.

Make sure Riders can quickly find your info & enter with their phones.  Frustrated riders get distracted and abandon registrations.

Activity posted on Event Clinics are automatically mobile friendly.

3. Simplify payment with secure options.

Let riders reserve their spot, submit payment and get on with their day.  ECInstantPay™ confirms rider interest with secure payment directly to you, quickly and easily.

When was the last time you mailed a check to SmartPak??    Busy Riders don’t have time to complete a drawn-out paper based registration process, mail checks or engage in lengthy email exchanges.

4. Maximize visibility, publicity and registrations.

We know not everyone wants to log into a website just to access activity details!  Event Clinics is the only publicly accessible registration service regularly indexed by Google to give you  nationwide visibility.  Plus, your custom activity URL is easily shared via email and social media.

5.  Manage registrations, payment & progress automatically,  in real time.
We know coordinating registration paperwork and payments is a hassle.  With Event Clinics, registrations are automatically processed and transferred directly to your Organizer Corner, in real time.  Set inventory controls to ensure waitlists are created.  Plus, you’ll always have full access to any attached documents, in an easy-to-use spreadsheet platform.

Event Clinics helps you maximize your registrations, your profit, and simplify your life. What could be better???