The Event Clinics Platform is the premier resource for equestrian Organizers looking to hold a successful top rider clinic or premier schooling activity.

Simple, Fast, Secure.

We offer a suite of great tools to Organizers.  Like complimentary access to our ECInstantPay™financial software, so you can accept rider charge card payments at no cost.  Plus, amazing marketing support,  comprehensive financial accounting features, and a slew of other equestrian organizer tools.

 AND….Event Clinics is mobile friendly and 100% publicly accessible. So there’s never a  time consuming member log-in required from riders to enter your activity.

What Does It  Cost?

It’s 100% free for Organizers to use the platform. You retain 100% of your proceeds, no fees are taken out.

  • Posting Fee $0.00
  • Cost to Organizer To Accept Entries, Payments, & Rider Documents: $0.00
  • Fees Deducted From Organizer Proceeds $0.00

How do we make $$?  We charge a minor $2.99 convenience fee to the rider,  consistent with other online equestrian registration platforms.  That’s it!

Want to try it out?  Sign up for a Free Member Account now!  Event Clinics offers complimentary on-boarding support for Organizers & Facilities to get maximize their experience on Event Clinics.

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