What’s Required To Accept Electronic Registrations Through Event Clinics?

Basically, sign up as an Event Clinics Member and accept our Terms/Posting Rules.

Then simply click on the “Post Announcement” button and decide what you’d like to accept registrations for: Camps, A Dressage Clinic, Show Jumping Clinic or XC Clinic, a Starter Horse Trial, Combined Test, Derby, Fix-A-Test, Jumper Show, or anything else that fits.

If you want to use our fantastic ECInstantPay™ technology to process charge card payments on your behalf, you’ll need a PayPal Account. That way we can transfer funds to you the moment a Rider or Auditor registers! (No, we don’t want to hold onto your money and mail a check.)

How Do I Avoid PayPal Taking Fees Out of The Money You Send Me?

1. Confirm your email account with PayPal.  **You MUST click the link in the Account Confirmation email they send you.**

2. Link your bank account.

If you do not confirm your email account, PayPal’s No-Fees agreement with Event Clinics becomes void.  Confirm your email….Keep your money!

Can-Non Members Register For Activities Announced on the Site?

Absolutely! Anyone can access your activity’s registration form, make selections & upload required documents (or- hint//a cell phone photo of a signed liability release//), and go through the registration/payment process.

What Are the Benefits of Membership for Riders?

Members have their profile information (or a selected Alternative Rider) auto populate the registration form; which makes the checkout process significantly faster. Members can store documents such as liability releases and Coggins, and have the document automatically attach to their registration form.

Members are also able to make changes or cancellations on-line! (There are limits to what you can do- we want our favorite Organizers to remain sane)

How Do Riders Change or Cancel a Registration?

Sometimes when you make plans for an outing, your horse has a different plan. If for any reason you’d like to change or cancel your existing reservation through Event Clinic’s website, we offer that feature.

Event Clinics Members can change Rider or Audit Registrations on-line, subject to any applicable change fees. Simply log into your account to review your registration and begin the change process.

Members are allowed one electronic change per registration. This change can be to the Horse OR the Rider OR the Level/Division. If you’d like to change more than one section, we recommend you contact the Organizer. Adjustments to their planned activities can be extremely disruptive.

The Event Clinics system currently does not support online change requests for Guest Users. If you registered for an activity as a Guest User, you may send your request and any applicable change fees directly to the Organizer. Please include the e-mail address used while making the registration. The Organizer maintains an electronic record of registrations made through Event Clinics and can manually change your registration, under most circumstances.

A Special Note Regarding Changes to Clinic Registrations:

Many Organizers do not allow online registration modifications for dressage/show jumping/XC clinics. This is because different levels are often scheduled for the same group as circumstances warrant. If you have registered for these types of activities and seek to make a change, you may send your request to the Organizer via email.

What’s the Process to Cancel Registrations?

If you made your registration while logged into your EventClinics.com account, simply log into your account to review your registration and begin the Cancellation process.

You may cancel a portion or all of your registration.

You and the Organizer will receive an email confirmation of your canceled registration, along with the applicable refund polices. Please contact the Organizer directly for any refund.

Note that cancellation does not release you from any payment obligation. If you promised to Pay Via Check on the day of activity, and canceled past Closing Date or the Refund Allowed date– you still have to pay!

How are Refunds Handled?

Each Organizer is responsible for the Refunds associated with their posted Activity.   Here’s how to do it with ECInstantPay™
The posting Member agrees to ensure refunds are processed. You can find their specified Refund Policy for each activity on the Activity Full Details Page. Please contact the Organizer directly for any refund that may be due to you. (Once you pay, funds go immediately to the appropriate recipient. Event Clinics does not hold funds or issue refunds.)

If you have any issues with a refund that you feel is due to you, please contact us support@eventclinics.com. We will work with the Organizer to mediate the situation.

Registration Cancellations

If you cancel your registration, any refunds due to you are the sole responsibility of the Organizer to issue. Note: Once a non-refundable registration has been issued, the full amount is considered used in full. Event Clinics will NOT credit the amount to another activity registration or fee.


If you register for an activity and do not show for the activity, all money associated with the registration is forfeited.

Canceled Clinics & Schooling Shows

If the Organizer cancels a clinic or schooling show for any reason, under the Event Clinics Terms of Use you may be entitled to a full Refund from the Organizer. .

Event Clinics Website Convenience Fee

The Event Clinics convenience fee for registrations is non-refundable. However, in the event an Organizer cancels the activity after receiving electronic funds from Buyers, Event Clinics will grant any affected Buyer who paid the FULL ENTRY FEE through Event Clinics at time of registration a credit code to waive a future instance of the Handling Fee. This credit can be applied to any single registration through Event Clinics. Applicable terms and conditions apply.

To request such a credit, just send us an email.