Forget about waiting on those rider checks! Finally, there’s a payment solution that lets you get paid instantly, in full, as riders register.

ECInstantPay™  offers organizers and facilities an easy, fast and secure way to collect payment for clinics & schooling shows.  Funds are immediately deposited in full in your account,  without the hassles of a merchant account or processing fees.

How It Works

  • Post Your Activity on Event Clinics (it’s free).
  • Riders register through Event Clinics and pay with charge or debit card.  (VISA, MC, AMEX, or Discover supported).
  • ECInstantPay™ then transfers funds instantly, IN FULL, to the correct recipient(s) bank account. It’s that easy!

Maximum Revenue.
You receive the full expected amount for each entry, each and every time.  Common FAQS

Streamlined Accounting.
ECInstantPay™ routes payment  directly from the Rider/Auditor to the correct Recipient…So there’s never a need to hold funds or struggle with IRS MISC-1099 forms. (Unless you want to!)  .

Simplified Organization.
ECInstantPay™ automatically creates complete spreadsheets with registration & payment details in your Organizer Corner.  Run  payment reports or issue refunds in seconds.

Spend less time tracking down missing checks  from riders… and more time enjoying life.

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