We believe it should be simple and easy for equestrians to find shows and clinics to advance their riding.

So we built Event Clinics.

A mobile friendly, user controlled registration platform designed to quickly connect Organizers and Riders.

Filled with fantastic business tools for equestrian Organizers  to promote, organize, collect,  and simplify life.

  • Such as a publicly accessible calendar and mobile friendly technology.   So any rider, any location, can find options across dozens of facilities.  And use their phone to register and pay .
  • A groundbreaking financial processing service “ECInstantPay™” that lets facilities accept rider charge card payments, without a merchant account or processing fees.
  • Automatic accounting spreadsheets to track financials and FY revenue.
  • And intentional compatibility with great scheduling & live scoring systems like EventEntries Horse Event Organizer..

Quick, simple, and convenient.

What Does It  Cost?

  • Organizer Account $0.00
  • Posting Fee $0.00
  • Cost to Organizer For Each  e-Entry & Rider Documents: $0.00
  • Fees Deducted From Organizer Proceeds $0.00

    How do we make $$?
       We charge a minor $2.99 convenience fee  to the rider,  consistent with other online equestrian registration platforms.  That’s it!   And because our system auto calculates the exact charge card processing fee required,  riders typically pay LESS when using Event Clinics than using a farm website.

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